Get the Most From Your Investment With Bathtub Repair & Refinishing in dallas, tx.

In many cases, you'll get more value from bathtub repair and refinishing than you will replacements. Over time, the surface of your tub, shower, or sink will show signs of wear. Cracks and chips may appear over the years, and you may notice that the dirt you wash off of your body is staining your tub. Before you spend the time and money to replace it call TUB GUY of Dallas, Texas, to see if bathtub refinishing is an option.

A Better Option

Often, refinishing proves to be the more economical option for most homeowners. Minor damage or signs of wear don't mean your bathtub's life is over. In most cases, the glaze has worn off, or small cracks can be filled and glazed to match the rest of your tub, making your bathroom look better. Instead of the weeks of work and the expense of replacement, TUB GUY has your tub or shower looking great within hours at a fraction of the cost.


Depending on the type of tub in your bathroom, it can suffer chips, cracks, stains, or surface wear. The kind of damage will dictate the bathtub repair needed. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, and other times the whole tub needs to be resurfaced. A porcelain-enameled steel tub requires a different kind of attention than a fiberglass tub. Our repair expert can assess your concerns and determine the best solution for your type of tub.

It’s a good idea to consider how difficult it might be to replace your tub before committing to its removal. Some tubs are integrated into the bathroom design, so removal could pose problems that you hadn’t considered. You don’t want to end up with an entire bathroom remodel just to fix a scuff or unsightly chip. Bathtub repair is the most economical approach to addressing unwanted marks or cracks in the surface. Our attention to detail means your tub will look brand new when we’ve completed the work.

Don’t let that chip or crack become a larger issue; talk to us today about refinishing your tub and giving it a new lease on life. We provide efficient bathtub repair services so you can enjoy a relaxing soak in your new-to-you tub in no time.

Before and After Tub Cleaning

Hidden Cost of Replacement

When you're buying a new tub, most people only think about the up-front cost of the tub. However, installation includes a range of hidden costs. There will be plumbing to think about, tile demolition and replacement, and the potential for damage to the new tub before it's even installed. We eliminate all of these concerns, and much of the cost, while providing a service that makes your tub like new—without demolition, plumbing, or the risk of more damage. Most work is complete within three hours, and your tub will be back in service in less than 24 hours.

Great Results On Time, Every Time

At TUB GUY, we're known for completing our projects on time and under budget. Superior service and results are our primary goals, so we use durable materials and the latest techniques to ensure maximum adhesion. The process starts by etching the porcelain before we apply a bonding agent, two coats of epoxy primer, and three coats of acrylic urethane. Choose from glossed white, Kohler white, and gloss almond, or customize the finish to match any color you like for lasting beauty that matches your existing decor.

Choose us for your next bathtub repair and count on our extensive experience to ensure your bathroom looks flawless. You'll work directly with the owner, so you'll always know who to talk to about anything that happens. Check with us today to refinish:

• Porcelain Tubs & Sinks
• Cultured Marble Vanities
• Bathroom Tile & Showers
• Fiberglass Showers & Tubs
• Formica Countertops